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Indoor Plants with Fragrant Flowers

Add a little homegrown aromatherapy to your home with fragrant flowered indoor plants.

Gardenias may be the first plant that comes to mind. They can be challenging, but worth the effort. Grow gardenias in moist acidic soil, bright light and surrounded by other plants or on a gravel tray to increase the humidity.

Jasmines are known for their sweetly fragrant flowers. The Arabian jasmine (Jasmine sambac) will flower indoors for most of the year, if it receives sufficient light.

Citrus are valued for their fruit, but also produce fragrant flowers. Give them bright light and keep the soil slightly moist for best results.

Plumeria are the fragrant flowers often used in Hawaiian leis. Grow in a warm location with moist soil. Allow the soil to go a bit drier during winter. The plants usually go dormant and drop their leaves. Don’t panic; new leaves will appear as temperatures warm.

A bit more information: Some orchids, hoyas and even begonias can be fragrant. Do a nose test before investing.  For more on these and other fragrant houseplants, click here .

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