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Houseplants that Tolerate Moist to Wet Soil

If you tend to overwater your houseplants, improve your gardening success with one of these moisture-loving plants.

Ferns are usually a good choice. They like consistently moist soil and high humidity. Group them with other plants or set the plant on a gravel tray of pebbles and water. The pebbles elevate the pot above the water. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity around the plants.

Spike moss is another moisture lover. This low grower is often used in terrariums. Consistently moist soil is the key to keeping the unique foliage of this plant looking its best.

The tall papyrus, also known as cypress or umbrella plant, likes it wet. You may have grown this plant outdoors in a container or water garden. Try growing one indoors but be sure to keep the soil moist or set the potted plant in a saucer or pot of water.

A bit more information:  Spike moss is one of 700 mossy or fern-like perennials in the Selaginella genus. These vascular plants reproduce by spores not seeds.


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