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Growing Fittonia (also Known as Nerve and Mosaic Plant) Indoors

Dress up a tabletop and improve your indoor air quality with a Fittonia plant. Its green leaves with white or red veins inspired its common names:  nerve, mosaic, and snakeskin plant.

Fittonias typically grow 3 to 6 inches tall, but as the stems creep along the soil they root, forming a wide plant. Their growth habit makes them perfect for wide, shallow containers like a dish garden.

These plants thrive in high humidity, moist well-drained soil and indirect light. Group them with other plants or place on a gravel tray to increase the humidity around the plant.  Or grow them in a terrarium and trim as needed to contain its size.

Fittonias can be somewhat short lived. Take cuttings from stem tips or carefully dig up a section of a rooted stem to start new plants before the original one begins to decline.

A bit more information:  Fittonias help filter toluene, benzes and trichloroethylene from indoor air. Use these and other houseplants to improve your indoor air quality.


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