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Growing Colorful Croton Indoors

Bring a little fall color indoors with the help of the tropical plant known as Croton.

Croton’s colorful leaves may be any combination of green, red, yellow, orange and purple. The colorful leaves can be broad or narrow, shaped like an oak leaf, twisted like a corkscrew, or somewhat pinched in the middle.

Grow crotons in a warm, bright location free from drafts of hot and cold air. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soil slightly moist during the summer months. Cut back on watering slightly during the winter as growth begins to slow. 

Only fertilize actively growing plants with a dilute solution of houseplant fertilizer. Avoid cold temperatures, droughty conditions and drafts that can cause leaf drop. Adjust the growing conditions and wait for new leaves to appear.

Add more fall flare by displaying your croton in a basket with fall flowering favorites.

A bit more information:  Start new croton plants from cuttings to expand your indoor garden. Make a 4 to 6” cutting, remove the lowest leaf and stick it in a container of quality potting mix. Move it to a bright location out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil slightly moist and roots should appear in a couple weeks. Using a rooting hormone available from garden centers can help increase your success.


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