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Growing Bromeliads Indoors

Brighten your indoors with a colorful long blooming bromeliad.  These easy care plants will provide months of enjoyment. 

Grow these plants in a container with drainage holes filled with a well-drained potting mix.  Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of the planting mix is dry. 

The leaves of many bromeliads come together to form a cuplike structure known as a tank.  These bromeliads can absorb water from the tank.  Clean the tank to reduce the risk of salt buildup and fungus that can cause rot when watering through the tank.

Avoid overwatering that can lead to root rot.  Increase humidity by grouping with other plants or creating a gravel tray.  Place pebbles in the saucer to elevate the pot above any excess water that collects in the saucer.  As the water evaporates it increases the humidity around the plant.

Grow these plants in a bright location for best results.  Move to a sunny south window in winter.

A bit more information:  Once the original plant finishes blooming it will start to decline.   Small plants called offsets or pups arise around the original plant.  These can be removed, potted, and grown to maturity in their own container.  Once the young plant reaches full size you can force it to bloom.  Place the plant in a plastic bag with a piece of apple for several days.  The apple releases ethylene gas that initiates flowering.  Remove the plant from the plastic, return to a brightly lit location and wait for the flowers.


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