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Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Bouquets

Bring a bit of your garden indoors with beautiful garden-fresh bouquets.

Select a variety of flowers to fill your gardens and vases all season long. Start with annuals known for season long bloom and an extended vase life. Keep the flowers coming with regular picking. 

Here are a few easy-care annuals to get you started. Start zinnias from seed indoors four weeks before the last spring frost or sow them directly in the garden. Either way you’ll have flowers about eight weeks after planting the seeds. 

Add cosmos to the mix. The fine foliage adds texture to the garden and the white, pink, lavender blooms light up the mid-summer through fall garden. 

Don’t forget sunflowers. Look for varieties with smaller flowers that will be easier to include in arrangements. Add vertical interest with annual salvia. And increase flower shapes, color and size with celosias

A bit more information:Use your garden-fresh cut flowers to create a centerpiece, boost your indoor décor and surprise guests with a lovely bouquet to take home. Share extras with friends, neighbors or senior centers. Studies at Rutgers University found cut flowers immediately increased happiness and had a long-term positive impact on the recipient’s mood. 


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