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Grow Goldfish Plant (Columnea nematanthus) Indoors

Grow your own goldfish, plant that is, in a sunny window indoors.

This plant’s glossy green leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the puffy orange flowers that resemble goldfish.

Show off its beauty by growing it in a hanging basket or set upon a pedestal. Grow it in a bright light location for maximum flowering.  Plants will tolerate a bit less light but tend to be leggy with few if any flowers in low light conditions.

Plants prefer summer temperatures in the upper 60’s to low 70’s and a bit cooler in the winter.  Cooler temperatures and slightly drier soil in the winter helps stimulate flowering.

From March to November water thoroughly when the top inch of soil is starting to dry. Fertilize with a dilute solution of flowering houseplant fertilizer during this period. Place it near other plants or on a gravel tray for added humidity.

A bit more information:  Move plants to a brighter location if they fail to flower or growth becomes leggy. Prune long leggy stems in early spring to encourage fuller, more compact growth.


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