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Grow a Spike Moss (Selaginella kraussiana) Indoors for the Holidays

Spike moss is a relative newcomer to the holiday plant scene. With special care and attention, you can keep this plant thriving throughout the holidays and beyond. 

This low growing mat of feathery leaves creeps along the ground. It looks good growing in a pot or terrarium.

Grow spike moss in indirect light. It thrives at normal room temperatures but suffers in extreme heat, cold or drafts of hot and cold air. Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy wet and do not allow plants to sit in water. 

Spike moss requires high humidity to survive.  Place the pot on a gravel tray. Keep water in the tray and pot elevated above the water on pebbles to increase the humidity right around the plant. Increase your chance of success by planting it in a terrarium or set the pot in a glass enclosure known as a Wardian case.

A bit more information: The Frost Fern variety of spike moss has bright green stems tipped in white – perfect for a winter display.  The Golden spike moss has an attractive chartreuse color.  Brown or crispy leaves on your spike moss mean the soil is too dry or the humidity too low.  Scorched leaves where the tips turn brown may mean the plant is getting too much direct light. 


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