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Easy-Grow Ponytail Palm

Add a ponytail palm to your indoor garden.  This easy-to-grow plant is perfect for new and brown thumb gardeners.  Its unique shape makes it fun for those who are more experienced.

The ponytail palm, also known as elephant’s foot palm, is not a palm but rather a succulent.  The base of the plant is swollen and resembles an elephant’s foot, while the narrow stem is topped with long curved leaves that look like a ponytail.

Grow this succulent in a bright sunny window.  The biggest problem is overwatering.  So always water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are slightly dry. Occasionally spritz the plants with warm water and wipe off the dust and any mites with a soft cloth.

They need very little fertilizer.  You can apply a dilute solution of any houseplant fertilizer once or twice between spring and fall.

These plants are slow growing and long lived.  It can take these plants 20 years to reach 6 feet in height.

A bit more information:  Brown leaf tips can be an indication of too much or not enough water.  Monitor your watering schedule and adjust as needed.  You can start these plants from seed or remove offsets (small plantlets) in spring if any form at the base of the plant.


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