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Easy Care Tillandsia

You’ll find them in terrariums, tucked into a shell or mounted on a decorative slab of wood or cork. Tillandsia are low maintenance members of the bromeliad family and make perfect plants for most homes and offices.

These easy-care epiphytes grow on trees in their native habitat. They’re not parasitic, but rather gather their moisture and nutrients through small scales on their leaves.

Grow your Tillandsia, also called an air plant, in a brightly-lit location. Submerge the plants in tepid water once a week for half an hour. Allow the excess water to drip away before returning it to its home.  Water more often if the humidity in your home is low and less often in humid rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Monitor your plants to make sure you are watering correctly. If the leaves begin to curl, you need to water more often.

A bit more information:  Bromeliads require minimal fertilization. Consider using a fertilizer formulated for these unique plants. As always, read and follow label directions for the rate and timing of applications.


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