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Caring for Your Indoor Plants

Don’t let your indoor plants become victims of the busy holiday season.  Instead, take a few minutes to give them a bit of TLC. 

Wipe off any dust-covered leaves with a damp cloth.  Use a cosmetic brush to clean up fuzzy leafed plants like African violets.

Trim off any brown leaf edges on spider plants, Ti, dracaenas and other indoor plants susceptible to brown tips.  Try keeping the soil just slightly moist to reduce this problem.

Dress up the soil in the containers with a bit of mulch.  It not only looks good, but helps conserve moisture meaning you need to water less often.

Check on your poinsettia and other holiday plants.  Make sure they are receiving sufficient light and are free of hot and cold drafts.  Keep the soil evenly moist, but don’t let them sit in the excess water that collects in the foil cover, decorative container, or saucer.

A bit more information:  Further reduce brown tips on indoor plants sensitive to the chlorine and fluoride in the water.  Purchase distilled water or collect and use rainwater or melted snow for sensitive plants like dracaenas, spider plants, prayer plants, ti plants and more.

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