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Caring for Indoor Plants in Low Light Conditions

Don’t let the gray days of winter or limited window space prevent you from gardening indoors.

Select plants suited to lower light conditions. Pothos, philodendron, cast iron plant, Chinese evergreens and snake plants are a few to consider.

Turn plants regularly, so all sides of the plants benefit from available light.

Place plants in the brightest location available. Increase your growing locations by rotating plants from higher to lower light areas. Regularly moving the plants will help all of them capture the needed sunlight throughout their lifetime.

Water thoroughly, but only when needed. Plants growing in low light use less water and need less frequent watering. Pour off any water that collects in the saucer or elevate the pot above the water with pebbles.

Limit or eliminate fertilization. Only fertilize actively growing plants in need of a nutrient boost.

A bit more information: And if this all has not helped, consider supplementing natural sunlight with artificial light. Individual spot lights or grow light set ups can help increase your gardening possibilities and success.


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