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Best Windows for Growing Indoor Plants

Increase your indoor gardening success by matching plants to your indoor light conditions.

An east- or west-facing window provides enough light for most indoor plants.  Keep those that need brighter light within two feet of the window. Move them to a south-facing window in winter if needed.

Grow low light plants near a north-facing window or up to six feet back or off to the side of an east- or west-facing window. Keep in mind shears, awnings, trees and nearby structures can impact the amount of light reaching indoor plants.

Give plants an occasional turn for more even growth. Turn low light plants 45 degrees each time you water and those in brighter locations 90 degrees every month or two.

Overcome light limitations, keep plants healthy and expand your plant palette by supplementing with artificial lights.

A bit more information:  Another way to grow more bright light plants when natural light is limited is to swap plants in low light with those in high light locations every two weeks. That is usually enough to keep both thriving.


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