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Anthuriums for Valentine’s Day and Indoor Gardens

Looking for a long-lasting colorful indoor plant? Check out the anthuriums.  The red, pink, or white varieties make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or addition to any indoor garden. 

The colorful flowers are really just modified leaves that last for weeks on the plant or when used as cut flowers.  Most anthuriums are epiphytes that are native to the canopies of rainforests.  They anchor themselves on trees, but gather water and nutrients from the surrounding environment not by parasitizing the tree.

You may purchase plants mounted on stones mimicking their natural habit.  Others anthuriums are sold potted and growing in a well-drained organic mix.

Grow your plants in a brightly lit location.  Water thoroughly and often enough to prevent the roots from drying.  But avoid overwatering that leads to soggy soil and root rot.

And keep this toxic beauty out of the reach of children and pets.

A bit more information: Go light on the fertilizer.  Give these beauties a very dilute solution of a liquid fertilizer or use a slow release fertilizer as needed.  Err on the side of under fertilizing as you can always add more if your plants need a nutrient boost.

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