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A New Look for an Old Favorite, the Snake Plant

Tough as nails is the description often given the plant you may know as snake plant, Mother-in-laws tongue or Sansevieria.

This easy to grow plant tolerates a wide range of growing conditions.  Hardy outdoors in zones 10 and 11, it can be grown just about anywhere indoors.  You can grow it in low light, but it thrives and will even flower in brightly lit indoor locations.  Plant in a well drained potting mix and water thoroughly whenever the soil dries.

Look for some new twists on this old favorite.  Moonshine sansevieria has solid silvery-green leaves with a very slight deep green edge around the leaves.

Black coral is tall with dark green almost black narrow leaves covered with gray-green wavy lines.

And look for Twist, another new cultivar with short twisted leaves edged in yellow.

A bit more information:  The Cylindrica has just that, cylindrical leaves.  African spear has cylindrical leaves that grow in a fan shape pattern. Look for this and other new Sansevieria varieties at garden centers and florists as well as on-line sources, specializing in unusual indoor plants.


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