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Turn Milkweed Pods into Gifts and Decorations

Craft your own indoor tree, wreath or star from milkweed pods.

Often considered weeds, common milkweed is making a comeback as more gardeners are growing this important food source for monarch butterflies.  Put the interesting seedpods to work, crafting them into last-minute gifts or winter decorations.

Remove the pods from the plants and allow them to dry as needed. In the meantime start thinking of creative ways to use these.  And don’t forget that a little paint can help brighten your creation. Wire the pods together to form a wreath or attach them to a form.

Purchase a Styrofoam cone and attach the pods with pins.  Place the pods in rows, covering the cone to create the perfect evergreen.

But don’t stop with winter inspired decorations.  The pods can be crafted into beautiful dahlias, birds, butterflies and more.  Experiment with hot glue, florist wire and other natural materials.

A bit more information: Control the spread of milkweed by harvesting mature pods just before they open and release their seeds.  Place the pod-covered stems in a paper bag in a warm location. The bag will help contain the seeds and the warm temperatures will encourage the pods to open.


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