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Pansy Wreath

Pansies are a favorite cool season flower. Try displaying them in a new and different way by creating a living wreath of pansies. 

Purchase a wire wreath frame designed for creating a living wreath. Line the bottom and side of the wire frame with sphagnum moss, landscape fabric or a wreath liner. Fill with a well-drained potting mix.  Cover the top of the potting mix with the moss, fabric or liner.

Lay the wreath flat on a table. Cut slits in the upper surface and sides of the liner large enough to allow planting.  Use small pansy plants for ease of planting. Once planted, cover any exposed potting mix or liner material with sphagnum moss.

Water thoroughly and place the pansy wreath, laying with backside down, in a sunny location. Once well rooted, you can hang your pansy wreath on your door, deck or other location.

A bit more information:  A simple internet search will direct you to videos and more detailed step-by-step directions for creating your own. And find other ideas for creative pansy displays at wave-rave.com.


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