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National Camera Day

Celebrate National Camera day by spending a bit of time in your garden or favorite landscape.

Many gardeners use their camera to record their successes, favorite plant combinations or problems in the garden. These are all useful when planning for changes in the landscape or the upcoming season.

But take a moment or two to look for some of the missed beauty in the garden. Capture the way light plays upon the color and texture in the garden. Try shooting images throughout the day and look for these sometimes subtle other times dramatic differences.

These observations may have you moving a few plants in the landscape. Perhaps the backlit seedheads of grasses or colorful Swiss chard help brighten the morning or late afternoon landscape.

Or maybe it’s time to capture your favorite garden visitors; a bird, bee, butterfly or young gardener enjoying the blossoms in the garden.

A bit more information: Don’t worry if you do not have a fancy camera. Grab your cell phone or I-pad. Whichever camera you choose, take your time to select an interesting shot. Or maybe it’s multiple shots of the same plant in different settings or various shade gardens.


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