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Living Chessboard

Move game night to the patio with a living chessboard.

All you need are some 1x4’s to create a square shallow planter and dividers, lumber for the bottom, a sturdy table to rest it upon, quality potting mix and low growing groundcovers.

Consider using long lasting, plant friendly cedar to construct the planter and the dividers that help contain the plants.  Drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Fill the container with a quality planting mix and a slow release fertilizer.

Select a dark leafed groundcover like bugleweed and a bright or light green groundcover like Spanish moss. Alternate dark and light-colored plants to create your chessboard.

Check the soil moisture daily and water thoroughly as needed. Trim, prune and divide plants as needed to maintain the checkered pattern.

Purchase some large chess pieces, set up the table and wait for the fun to begin.

A bit more information: Or consider one of these plant chess options. Encase leaves and flowers in glass chess pieces. Or use small containers and air plants or succulents as your chess pieces.

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