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Grow a Succulent Wreath

Change up your winter décor with a colorful succulent wreath. 

Start by taking 2 to 3 inch long cuttings from your favorite succulents.  Use a variety of colors and texture for added interest.  Set the cuttings aside and allow them to callous over for several days.

Purchase or locate a wire wreath form from past holidays.  Set the wreath on moistened sphagnum moss.  Fill it with a well-drained potting mix and cover with more sphagnum moss.  Wrap the moss around the soil and wreath form and secure with wire.

Use a pencil, chopstick, or other pointed object to create planting holes.  Set the calloused cutting into the soil and gently press the soil and moss around the base of the cutting.  Leave enough room for each cutting to grow.

Hang your succulent wreath on the wall or set it on a table in a well-lit location.  Submerge the wreath in water for several minutes whenever the soil is dry.

A bit more information:  Not enough succulents to take cuttings?  Ask your gardening friends if they have any to share.  And though you may need to buy this year’s wreath you can start planning for next year.  Add succulents to next year’s planting list.  Grow a variety of these plants in preparation for next winter’s project.


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