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Creative Plant Supports

We all need a bit of support now and then. And that includes some of our favorite garden plants. Find fun and creative ways to keep them standing tall.

Scour the garage, shed and basement for items that can be converted into plant supports. Leaky watering wands, broken tool handles and discarded golf clubs might make the perfect support.

Convert old headboards and bed railings into trellises anchored in the garden or mounted on a wall.  Or use them at the edge of the garden to keep plants inbound.

Use fence panels to create A-frames and archways for growing edible and ornamental plants in the garden and landscape. Securely attach the panels together, anchor securely in the ground, and get busy planting.

Put landscape trimmings to work. Build teepee supports and trellises from larger branches. Weave finer twigs through plant stems providing almost invisible support.

A bit more information: Get creative when supporting edibles like tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and pole beans. Save money and add a bit of whimsy to the garden with an upcycled trellis.


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