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Create Your Own Holiday Centerpiece

Don’t let the holiday rush and winter weather ruin your holiday party.  Take a few minutes to walk through your garden and gather a few items to create a holiday centerpiece. 

Most gardeners are used to walking into their summer garden, gathering a few blossoms and creating a bouquet or arrangement for their gatherings.  Winter is no exception

Start by gathering some greens.  The fan-like sprays of arborvitae, blue-green sprigs of juniper as well as branches of yews, boxwood, pines and spruces can provide all the greenery you need.

Now look for items with interesting color or shape.  Red and yellow twig dogwoods, curly willow, contorted filbert and fantail willow provide interesting color and form.

Next gather cones, berries and fruits such as rose hips, blue berry-like cones of junipers, sweet gum seed pods, alder’s cone-like fruit, and of course evergreen cones for added appeal.

Perennial seedheads and pods painted or natural can provide an extra punch.  And don’t be afraid to add a few shiny ornaments for a bit of holiday glitz.

A bit more information: A visit to your favorite florist or craft store is a good source for needed supplies.  Pick up some floral foam to secure the stems.  The greens should last throughout the holiday. Consider purchasing a few seasonal flowers for added color for your special event.  Simply remove faded flowers and replace as needed.


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