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Include Fragrant Plants in the Garden

Planning is an ongoing process for gardeners. We’re always looking for new varieties, solutions to problem areas or ways to improve our landscapes. And as you plan for the future, consider adding a few fragrant plants.

Consider how plants emit their fragrance when locating them in the garden. Some like lilacs and jasmine produce fragrances that float in the air.  Monitor air flow and place near sitting areas and open windows where the breezes will blow the fragrance to the desired location.

Some plants like scented geranium, rosemary and thyme release their fragrance when touched. Place these along walkways where you and visitors will brush against the plants and enjoy the fragrance. And add a few to containers on decks and balconies. You won’t be able to resist giving them a pet.

Avoid overwhelming and clashing scents by keeping strongly scented plants at least 10 feet apart.

A bit more information
A few favorite fragrant shrubs include lilacs, Koreanspice viburnum, mockorange, star jasmine, Daphne, tea olive and gardenia. Include a few fragrant annuals like nicotiana, stock and sweet alyssum to provide season long color and fragrance.

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