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Grow Your Own Aromatherapy Garden

Gardeners have long been into aromatherapy. We look for beautiful and fragrant plants to enjoy in our gardens, bouquets, potpourris and sachets. Add more fragrance to your gardens and containers this year.

Identify overlooked opportunities to boost your landscape’s aromatic appeal. Thyme has long been used alongside steppers to add fragrance with each step taken along the pathway.  Annual sweet alyssum won’t tolerate foot traffic, but makes a nice edge where you can enjoy its fragrance.

Fill planters and window boxes with fragrant flowers like heliotrope, dianthus, pansies, petunias and more. Just take a whiff of the flowers at the garden center and make sure the variety you select is fragrant.

Consider some permanent plantings like peonies, lilac, mockorange, daphne, and roses. Use them near sitting areas where you can enjoy their fragrant blossoms.

A bit more information:  Include some fragrance overhead with Sweet Autumn and Sweet Summer Love clematis, and American wisteria. Use these to dress up an arbor or pergola. You and the bees will enjoy the fragrant flowers. And fragrance throughout the day and evening with 24 hours of fragrant blooms.


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