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Creating a Better View: Fences, Hedges and Other Screening Strategies

A fence is just one way to create a sense of intimacy in a large landscape or privacy in any size yard.  Perhaps your budget, landscape design or available space won’t allow this solution.  Don’t worry you have other options. 

Consider screening just the bad views instead of building a fence or planting a hedge the full length of your lot line.  An attractive trellis, strategically placed can provide you and your neighbor with a bit of privacy.

Add a small garden with evergreens for year round screening and ornamental grasses, perennials and annuals for seasonal color and interest.

A flower-covered berm or raised bed can be used to enclose an outdoor living space, while improving the view on both sides.

Add a bit of screening within the garden to mask utilities and other unsightly features.  Use a plant covered trellis to hide a utility meter, yet allow needed access.  Mix annual and perennial vines for quick and long term cover.

A bit more information:  Raised planting beds have additional benefits.  Use them to increase the visual impact of a garden, improve drainage in heavy soils, and elevate plant roots above standing water.  


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