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Budget-wise Gardening

Most of us have bigger gardening plans than our budgets allow. Here are 4 ways to stretch your budget as you create beautiful gardens.

Buy in bulk. Team up with gardening friends to purchase seeds, soil, flats of plants and other items that are cheaper to buy in bulk. Then meet to divide the goods and celebrate the start of another growing season.

Start with smaller plants.  They’re easier to handle, adjust more quickly to their new home and cost less than their larger counterparts.

Shop for end-of-the-season bargains. Purchase healthy plants and garden supplies that are often discounted, helping to stretch your garden budget.

Then convert yard waste into yard riches. Leave short clippings on the lawn to improve the soil and fertilize the grass, compost pest-free plant debris, use fall leaves as mulch and wood debris for edging, wattle fences and arbors.

A bit more information:  Always invest in quality plants. You’ll spend less time nursing a struggling plant back to health and money lost on pest management supplies or replacing the plant if it dies.


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