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Blue Ribbon Flowers and Vegetables

Late summer through fall is filled with County, Provincial and State Fairs. These are great places to show off your green thumb and maybe even win a blue ribbon.

Start by reviewing the entry guidelines provided by the fair; then follow them. These tell you the number and way to exhibit your entry. Many high quality entries are disqualified because the gardeners did not follow the guidelines.

Select the best quality flowers and vegetables. This does not necessarily mean the biggest. Select entries that are uniform in size and exemplify the shape, color and ripeness for that group of flowers or vegetables.

Avoid specimens with blemishes caused by weather, insects or improper handling. Use a knife or hand pruners to avoid damage when harvesting.  Carefully clean and trim stems as directed in the guidelines.

And bring along a few extras in case something gets damaged in transport.

A bit more information: And even if you missed this year’s deadline, check out the competition and start preparing for next year’s fair. For a list of State Fairs, click here.


Upcoming Appearances

July 13
Pasquesi Home & Gardens
Lake Bluff, IL

July 14
Sanger House Gardens
Milwaukee, WI

July 20
Ebert's Greenhouse Village
Ixonia, WI

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