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Pass-along Plants

Whether you are sharing a piece of a favorite plant, a bit of family history, or a shared memory, pass-along plants have long been a part of the gardening tradition.

These can be divisions, cuttings, runners, or another piece of a plant that will develop into a healthy specimen.

Always ask before taking a snip of a fellow gardener’s plant.  It’s the polite thing to do and usually yields many more cuttings.  Use garden scissors or hand pruners and make your cuttings four to six inches long and root them in a moist well-drained potting mix.

Share a few divisions with family, friends and new gardeners the next time you divide some perennials.  Simply dig up the clump and use a sharp knife, shovel, or garden fork to cut it into 4, 6, or 8 pieces.

Avoid sharing patented plants.  Not only is it illegal, it can impact sales and ultimately limit future introductions.  You’ll find plenty of old time favorites to pass along.

A bit more information:  Try layering when starting new plants from established vines.  Leave the long stem attached to the parent plant.  Nick the stem about 9 inches from the tip.  Then bury this portion in soil in a container or in-ground.  Keep it watered throughout the season so it will develop roots.  Then disconnect it from the parent plant once rooted and when you are ready to plant.


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