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2013 All-America Selections Flower Winners

Add some new sparkle to your garden with one of the 2013 All-America Selections (AAS) Flower winners. 

AAS winners are tested throughout the U.S. and Canada and selected for their unique qualities and suitability for the home garden.

Buy plants or start South Pacific Scarlet canna from seed, not a tuber, for a great focal point in a container or backdrop in the garden.  This vigorous uniform plant grows 4 to 5 feet tall and produces large scarlet flowers throughout the summer.

Enjoy the colorful mixture of purple, pink, red and orange flowers the first season you grow Cheyenne Spirit coneflower.

Pinto Premium White to Rose geranium was selected as a 2013 Bedding Plant award winner.  The large long lasting flowers start out white then turn to a rose-pink for a bicolor effect. 

A bit more information: All-America Selections winners are “Tested Nationally and Proven Locally®”. New varieties are trialed next to several similar plants currently sold and grown in the garden.  Judges look for improved flavor, pest resistance, habit, and more factors that make these a good choice for home gardeners.


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