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The first week of November is National Fig Week. These delicious fruits are packed with flavor and nutrition.

Enjoy fresh figs in early summer and again later summer through early fall when they are in season.  The soft chewy fruit contains potassium that helps control blood pressure, calcium to keep your bones strong and Vitamin A that supports vision, fights aging and helps with skin rejuvenation.

Consider growing a fig or two in your landscape. They make attractive container plants for the patio or balcony. Their large leaves add texture to the landscape and nothing beats harvesting fresh figs from your garden.

Brown Turkey and Chicago Hardy cultivars have allowed even northern gardeners the opportunity to grow this sweet fruit. Plants die back to the ground in winter eliminating the early summer crop. Or move them into a sheltered location for the winter.

A bit more information:  Harvest figs when they are fully ripe. Pick them when the neck of the fig wilts and fruit hang down.  The fruit will not continue to ripen off the plant and will taste bad if harvested prematurely.


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