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Worms Eating Potatoes, Beets and Carrots

Some type of worm or grub is eating my potatoes, beets and carrots. I plant potatoes in two different gardens and they both are affected.

Wireworms may be the culprit. These yellow to reddish-brown worm-like larvae are the immature stage, of the click beetle. Their length ranges from 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches with a width of 1/8th inch. The larvae feed on seeds, seedlings, roots of grasses, some flowers and vegetables. Wireworm populations vary from season to season so they are usually not a permanent problem in the landscape. Start by improving the soil drainage. Work several inches of organic matter into the top 8 inches of soil. Rotate your plantings. Grow legumes or other less susceptible crops in areas where wireworms have been a problem. If this doesn't work you may want to leave this garden unplanted next summer. Cultivate to keep the garden free of weeds and to expose and kill many of the wireworms.


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