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Winter Care of Climbing Hydrangea

We planted a climbing hydrangea on the north side of our home. We live in zone 5 and are wondering if this plant requires any special care for winter.

Climbing hydrangeas (Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris) is rated hardy in zones 4 through 7 or 8.  Proper care throughout the season is usually sufficient winter protection in a zone 5 garden.  Water the soil thoroughly before the ground freezes.  Mulch the soil with woodchips or bark if this hasn't already been done.  If the planting is open and exposed to the harsh winter winds you may want to give it added protection with by creating a windbreak with burlap, discarded Christmas trees or other barriers.  Zone 4 gardeners want to plant their climbing hydrangea in a protected location and provide some winter protection the first few seasons until the plants roots become established.  Bales of straw surrounding the vine will protect the root system and base of the plant. 


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