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Weeds in Asparagus Patch

What is the best way to combat weeds in my asparagus bed?

Weeds are one of the major pests of asparagus. Pulling is the most environmentally friendly, but often not practical, means of controlling the weeds. Mulching will help reduce the annual weed population. A 2 inch layer of shredded leaves, evergreen needles, or woodchips block the sunlight reducing weed seed sprouting.

Spot treating quackgrass, bindweed and other perennial weeds with a total vegetation killer is an option for these difficult weeds. Wipe or paint the total vegetation killer onto the leaves of the weed being careful not to hit the asparagus shoots or other nearby desirable plants.

Some gardeners treat perennial weeds before the asparagus sprouts in spring. Just be careful these chemicals do not touch the emerging sprouts that are often hard to see. You may want to try some of the more eco-friendly vegetation killers that use plant oils, vinegar and soaps to burn off the tops of weeds. Repeat applications will be needed to kill perennial weeds roots. Keep these sprays off the foliage of the asparagus to prevent damage. And as always read and follow label directions.


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