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Vacation Care for Houseplants

I am leaving town for several weeks and want to know how I can keep my houseplants alive?

Water your cacti and succulents before you leave.  They can survive your absence.  The house will be cooler and humidity higher so they will not dry out as quickly.  Tropical plants such as ferns, African violets and pothos will need some additional care.  Water plants well before leaving.  Group plants together on a tray filled with pebbles and water or elevated in a sink, tub or bucket filled with an inch of water.  Make sure the pots are resting above the water.  Cover with plastic and keep out of direct light. This will increase humidity and reduce the need for water.  There are also some commercially available self-watering pots and systems.  Check local florists and garden centers for prices and availability.  And be sure to test them before leaving town.


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