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Using Sump Pump Water

Is it safe to direct our sump pump water to our gardens?

Check with your local municipality first.  Some communities have regulations related to how and where sump pump water must be directed.  If allowed and your sump was functioning properly, there should be no major concerns.  I would consider where the water is coming from.  It may be washing over the house, patio, walks or lawn areas before traveling through the soil to the sump pump.  Water washing through recently treated lawns may contain some pesticide residue. Direct this water back onto the lawn.  Water collected under herbicide-free (no recent applications of weedkillers) lawns can be directed on ornamental plants and rain gardens.  You may want to avoid edible crops as a safety precaution.  Keep in mind if the sump pump is running the garden soil may already be saturated. Waterlogged soils can be deadly to plants.  


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