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Using Natural Products to Kill Creeping Charlie

I read somewhere that you can use a natural product that uses vinegar and soap to burn off the tops of creeping Charlie. Where would I find such a product?

The products will burn the tops of any plant they touch so use them with care. Protect nearby good plants or paint the product on the leaves of the weeds to avoid damageing your desirable plants. You will need to make several applications on perennial weeds like creeping Charlie. These products destroy the energy producing leaves but not the roots. If you keep burning off the leaves you eventually starve the plant and it will die. Fortunately more and more garden centers are carrying these natural products. Many stores have sections dedicated to natural products within the pesticide aisle. Earthtone and Burn Out are just two of many products on the market that use plant oils, soaps or other natural active ingredients. And as always be sure to read and follow all label directions carefully.


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