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Trying to Get Rid of Forsythia

How do I permanently get rid of forsythia? I've tried digging it, burning it, and weed killer. It still comes back.

There are probably a few gardeners out there wishing they could get their forsythia to flourish like yours. I would recommend cutting the plants to ground level. Do this continually for a season or two to kill the plant. Or cut it back and treat the new growth with Roundup or Finale. Several applications will be needed. The nice thing about these products is once they touch the soil they break down and won’t be absorbed by the roots of nearby plants. You will also be able to replant this area in 4 to 14 days according to the label directions. Unfortunately they can kill any green plants they touch. So use carefully. Try a sponge applicator to wipe the product on the leaves or protect nearby plants to reduce the risk of damage. If this has not worked, you may want to try a brush killer. Be sure to read and follow all label directions carefully so you do not damage any of the nearby plantings and you are able to use the area for your desired purposes.


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