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Trumpet Vine Has Never Bloomed

I have a trumpet vine that is several years old and has never bloomed. Why is this?

This is probably the biggest complaint I hear about the trumpet vine. Too much nitrogen and lack of maturity are the most common causes. This rampant growing vine is a luxury feeder. Its roots seek out and absorb any nitrogen they can find. This results in lots of leaves and stems and no flowers. So limit the use of nitrogen fertilizer near these plants. Do not use blossom booster fertilizers, those high in phosphorous, unless your soil test indicates a deficiency. Most garden and urban soils are high to excessive in this nutrient. A soil test can save you money and improve plant growth by telling you exactly what type and how much fertilizer your plants need. Young trumpet vines often need several years to become established and start blooming. It may take up to seven years for some plants to flower. Keep pruning in late winter or early spring as needed to control this rampant grower's size. Your patience will be rewarded with lots of beautiful blooms and perhaps a few hummingbirds feeding on the flowers.  


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