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Transplanting Wisteria and Starting From Seed

We have a wisteria that is 6 years old. It started blooming about 3 years ago with each year having more blooms than the previous. I know we have it growing on a trellis too small to hold a more mature plant. Can we move it to another location without damaging it or is it too late? Also this year there are many pods on the plant that I have left thru the winter. Are these seed pods and if so, can I pick them and plant the seeds? Will they eventually break open themselves? 

You can move your wisteria.  I would move it this spring before growth begins.  Be prepared for a flowerless season or two as your plant re-establishes its root system.    Another option would be to keep the plant in its current location, prune it back and install a bigger support.  The pods on your plants are filled with seeds.  You get the best results removing and planting the seeds from the dry pods in fall.  Try removing the seeds from the existing pods.  Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours and plant in a container or vacant space in the garden.  Or test the seeds viability.  Soak the seeds overnight, place on a damp paper towel, set inside a plastic bag, seal and store in a warm location.   Check the seeds every week for several weeks keeping the paper towel moist.  If seeds sprout you know they are viable.  You can plant the sprouted seeds and those remaining on the plant.  Or start new wisteria plants by layering a long stem or two.


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