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Storing Gladiolus Corms Over Winter

I have dug up my Gladiolus, what is the right way to prepare and store them for the winter?

Save only firm healthy and pest free gladiolas.  Virus, aster yellows and thrips can over winter in or on the stored corms and infest next year’s planting.  Glads require a bit different care than your cannas, caladiums and tuberous begonias.  Once dug the corms (bulb-like structures) need to cure for two or three weeks in a warm dark dry location.  This process allows the corm to seal the surface reducing the risk of rot.  Gently remove any soil and foliage that remains.  The small offsets called cormels can be saved and grown for an additional season or two to reach flowering size or composted.  Store the cured corms uncovered in an open flat or mesh bag in a cool, as close to 40 degrees as possible, dark location.


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