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Several Different Plants Go By the Name Angel's Trumpet

Several different plants go by this common name. Some split them into two different groups (genera) Brugmansia and Datura while others lump them together. Some are grown as ornamentals while others are considered weeds and even invasive plants in some states. All have trumpet shaped flowers of white, purple, yellow or apricot and thorny seed pods. All parts of these plants are highly toxic. Most are only hardy in warmer zones of 11 and 12 but many of the weedy varieties reseed readily.

Some interesting history to this plant – the seeds are very poisonous and some cultures have used them as a hallucinogenic in ceremonies. When Egyptian Kings and royalty would die their wives would be fed a concoction of this and buried alive in the pyramid with their spouse, servants, food and belongings. Can you imagine waking up to find yourself sealed in a pyramid with your dead husband? Not a pretty thought.


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