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Seedless Maple Cultivars

Are there seedless Maple cultivars?

Autumn Blaze Freeman maple is listed as seedless by several experts though I have had gardeners report some seeds forming on older plants.  This maple has a broad oval crown and orange-red fall color.  Celebration is a male clone (means there should be no seeds) of Freeman maple with an upright oval form.  This cultivar has a yellowish fall color.

Indian Summer (also sold as Morgan) develops a good bright rosy red fall color fairly early in the season.  It grows vigorously and develops an oval to rounded crown with no seeds.  

Autumn Spire red maple is a University of Minnesota introduction and suited to both cold climates and acid soils.  

McKay's Seedless silver maple is a possibility for gardeners looking for a fast growing maple.  Provide proper pruning throughout the life of silver maples to extend their longevity and beauty.                        


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