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Saving Angel's Trumpet Over Winter

I moved my Angel’s Trumpet indoors for the winter.  It seems to be surviving but just.  Any suggestions for keeping it alive until I can move it back outdoors for the summer?

Angel’s Trumpet will go into a resting phase over winter.  As long as the stems are firm the plant is alive and will revive.  Increase your success by keeping the plant in a cool, near 55 degrees, bright location.  Group it with other plants or place on gravel trays filled with water to provide the humidity it prefers.  Make sure the plant rests on the pebbles above the water to avoid rot.  Water your Angel’s Trumpet often enough to prevent the soil from drying out totally and stems from shriveling.  Replant potbound plants in February or March.  Or add a little fresh compost or potting mix to the soil surface of larger plants. Pruning, if needed, can be done at the same time.  Or wait until next fall after flowering.  In either case you can reduce the branch length by as much as 2/3.


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