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Rose Plants Wilting and Dying

We are currently having a problem with our hedge-type roses, and a climbing rose as well.  They are 1-2 years old.  They were doing fine, and over the past several weeks the leaves on a branch start to wilt, turning yellow then brown, and then the branch dies and eventually the whole plant dies. 

Waterlogged soils from a rainy season, flooding or improper watering can lead to root rot and plant death.  Several diseases and boring insects can also cause the symptoms you described.  Check the stems for sunken or discolored areas called cankers or discoloration inside the cut stems.  Prune out the infected canes several inches below the canker or where the stem joins a healthy branch.  Disinfect your tools between cuts to avoid spreading the disease.  Borers feed inside the cane causing it to swell.  Prune out the infested canes beneath the damaged area.  Sanitation and proper care is usually enough to keep these problems in check.  


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