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Rose Flowers Have Changed

When my rosebush came down with black spot and aphids, I cut off the affected leaves and gave the plant a dose of systemic rose care. Now the flowers are like tea roses, with no fragrance. It's almost as if they changed species. How can I get my old roses back?

Check your plant to see if this new and different growth is sprouting from above or below the swollen portion of the stem, which is called the graft.  If it's coming from below the graft, the growth is originating from the hardy rootstock onto which the rose is grafted. This growth will be different from the plant you purchased, which explains why the flowers suddenly changed.  If the portion of the stem above the graft is dead, you'll need to start over to grow the rose you want. If growth emerges from both above and below the graft, the old plant is salvageable. Simply prune the shoots and stems growing beneath the graft. This will allow the desirable portion of the plant to grow and bloom.


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