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Planting Seeds from Rose Hips

I have a yellow rose that has rose hips and seeds. If I plant these seeds, will they produce the same roses that they came from? This is the first time I've had rose hips, and I'm not sure what to do with them.

Part of the wonder of nature and gardening are the surprises.  And that is what you will get if you grow plants from the seeds in the rose hips.  Some of the offspring may look like your yellow rose but the rest may look like the pollen donor or a mixture of the two parents.  Remove the seeds from the ripe (they turn color) rose hip.  Use a knife to slice through the rose hip, remove the seeds and rinse off the pulp surrounding the seed.  This pulp prevents sprouting.  Store the seeds in a cool moist environment.  Some rosarians place the seeds on moist paper towels inside a sealed plastic bag.  Others plant them in small containers or flats filled with moist potting mix.  Place these in the refrigerator for at least 6 preferably 12 weeks.  Remove them from storage and grow them like your other seedlings indoors.  Transplants can be moved outside after the danger of frost has passed.


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