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Periwinkle Taking Over

We live along a drainage ditch that has evolved into a creek where we have periwinkle creeping up the bank and invading the lawn and taking over the flower beds. What can we do about this pest?

Some gardeners may be wondering about your secret to success; while others understand why this plant is considered invasive in some areas.  Try edging the area between the periwinkle and your lawn to help slow the spread.  Killing the periwinkle on the bank may leave your creek bank subject to erosion.  Plus you need to be careful what products you use in areas near waterways.  Whether you opt for traditional or the more eco-friendly weedkillers check the label and make sure they are safe to use along waterways. You may want to treat, leave the dead plant debris intact for bank stabilization and replant with native sedges that can tolerate the wet soils.  These can be a bit assertive but are fairly easy to keep contained.


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