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Overwintering Rosemary is Wilting and Dying

I have a rosemary plant that has started to wilt and die since I moved it in for the winter.

Most northern gardeners have experienced the same problem.  Their rosemary plants (generally only hardy in zones 8 to 11) thrive outdoors in summer but once inside for the winter they quickly dry up and die.  The hot dry air and low light in our homes are the cause.  Move your plant to a sunny window or add some artificial light.  Keep it in a cool area, as close to 60 degrees as possible, free from drafts of hot and cold air.  Place the plant on a tray filled with water and pebbles.  Make sure the pot rests on the pebbles above the water.  Allow the soil to go slightly dry before watering again.  Excessive drought can also kill overwintering rosemary plants.  It may take several tries to find the right indoor growing location and fine tune the care but then you should have success keeping your rosemary alive. 


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