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Overwintering Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine

I grew some beautiful sun coleus and sweet potato vines this summer. How can I keep them over winter?

Take 3 to 4” cuttings of your coleus in late summer or early fall. Root the cuttings in moist vermiculite or a well-drained potting mix. I find setting the pot in a plastic bag left open increases the humidity to encourage rooting without leading to rot. Once rooted, they can be moved to their permanent container, placed in a sunny location and watered as needed. You can also take cuttings of your sweet potato vine and grow it like a houseplant for winter. Or store the tuberous roots in a cool dark location. Harvest the tuberous roots, remove the dried foliage being careful not to damage the eyes (growing points). Allow to cure overnight and pack in peat moss or vermiculite for winter. Store in a cool dark place to keep the tuberous roots firm and dormant.


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