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Not All Daffodil Plants Flowered

Last summer I dug up my daffodils and broke the bulbs apart. I stored them in the basement and planted them in the fall. A lot of them are flowering nicely, but some are not at all – the leaves are green and healthy, but no flower.

Several factors can prevent bulbs from blooming.  In your case it is probably the immature bulblets, offshoots that form off the main bulb, that are not blooming.  It takes several years for these to reach flowering size.  Give them another season and you should see more blooms.  Cutting back the plants, leaves and all, right after flowering can prevent blooms the following season.  Allow the leaves to yellow naturally (yes I know this takes a long time) so they can produce the energy needed for flowering next spring.  The flower buds on early blooming daffodils can be killed by spring frost.  Just wait until next spring and hope for better weather.  Excess shade can also prevent flowering.  Even though the daffodils are shade tolerant they do need some light to flower.  Make the needed adjustments and wait for these beauties to brighten your garden next spring.


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